Southside Sunday Funday Market


Sunday Funday market


Opening April 5, 2020

The Southside Sunday Funday Market supports 60 vendors and caters to the greater St. Petersburg area. This Market, located on the 600 block on the Southside of St. Pete, is hosted by The Merchant St. Pete — Purveyor of Local Goods.


The Market is open every first and third Sunday of the month starting in April 2020. 


The Market supports vendors and artisans who sell a variety of locally made items. From homemade produce, plants, take-home foods, and ready to eat lunch bites to handcrafts, and eco-friendly and fair trade products, this Market provides a variety of tastes and interests. 

Join us soon for a morning of live music, shopping, and a delicious breakfast, brunch, or lunch from one of our vendors! 

Vendor Information

If you are interested in becoming a vendor with us, please visit Farmspread to create a “Vendor Profile.”

Once your Farmspread profile is complete, you can access and complete the applications for all of our markets. You can access each application by searching for the market name directly, "Southside Sunday Funday Market," on Farmspread.