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Derek Donnelly's Mini Murals for Sale at The Merchant

One of the most beloved aspects of St. Petersburg, Florida, is all of the murals on the buildings downtown. What if you could own one of those fabulous paintings and display them at your home, workplace, or other creative space? Look no further! Derek Donnelly's mini murals are for sale at The Merchant. These one-of-a-kind artworks are only $200 apiece. 

Mini Murals for Sale at The Merchant

mini mural of girl with sunglasses

This painting features a young girl wearing bright orange glasses. Its' three-dimensionality makes this art piece a one of a kind mini mural.

This painting features a colorful fish. The light pole and dumpster make this piece authentic as if you were walking down the street, viewing it in person.

About the Artist, Derek Donnelly

Derek Donnelly is the founder of the Public Art Project, a division of the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance. The Public Art Project, according to the website, is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. It promotes public art through a variety of methods by working directly with artists, business owners, organizations, and local governments.

St. Petersburg Arts Alliance's mission is to create and facilitate visual stimulation in the community while teaching and educating the public about the importance and economic impact of the arts.

Derek Donnelly is also a portrait painter, muralist, and co-founder of the Saint Paint artist's collective. He started the organization in 2011 with, whom he refers to as his best friend, Bill Correira Woo. When Woo passed away in 2012 due to brain surgery complications, over 40 artists came together to paint a tribute mural, organized by Donnelly. The painting is outside Saint Paint's storefront gallery. Two years later, Donnelly closed the gallery to focus on designing and painting murals. He also spends much of his time organizing art exhibits and curating art for local businesses. According to Create Pinellas, Donnelly's "vibrant and fantastical work, infused with Florida's stunning natural wealth, appears on buildings throughout Pinellas County."

About The Merchant St. Pete

Supporting local isn't just an idea, but a way of life. In the past, general stores served as a community gathering space.  We seek to carry on that tradition with classes and workshops offered by the artisans.

As often as possible, we stock our nest with goods made right here in St. Petersburg and the surrounding Bay Area. We also gladly create space for products made by community conscious, small-batch companies outside our area. 

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