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Unique Jewelry by Local Artists at The Merchant

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Are you looking for unique jewelry by local artists? At The Merchant, we support local artisans, including jewelers. That being the case, we house two on-going, long-term local-jewelry artisans: Nellie Pratt Jewelry and REJuled Eco-Chic Handmade Jewelry. Each jewelry artist explores the boundaries between the idiosyncrasies of Florida life and modernity. 

Nellie Pratt Jewelry's Story

Liz Heggy got her began making stylish accessories for the ladies of the Atlanta drag show scene. She accomplished this by repurposing her great-grandmother Nellie Pratt's costume jewelry. Creating those distinctive pieces led to designing custom prop jewelry for photo and film shoots for renowned photographs, directors, and stylists. 

She embraced beach life after relocating to Florida. Keeping with her southern society aesthetic and flair for the bold, she designs elevated, earthy-chic jewelry with a coastal vibe. She also highlights fair trade beads, artisan components, and women-owned businesses. 

When she's not scouring bead shows and estate sales for unique and meaningful beads, Liz is designing each piece of jewelry by hand at her dining room table. She lives downtown St. Petersburg with husband Patrick, the calm to her crazy and son Benjamin, 17 going on 24. 

REJuled Eco-Chic Handmade Jewelry's Story

REJuled Eco-Chic Handmade Jewelry was established in 2016 by artist Julie Angerosa. Her REJuled designs are earthy and elegant statement jewelry pieces created for environmental awareness, personal empowerment, and to shift perspective. First inspired by fishing lures, Julie utilizes household materials to craft her designs. Julia uses copper pipe bullet castings, kitchen utensils, and other recycled metals with natural gemstones. She chooses these pieces for their healing properties combined with intention setting energy. Reclaimed wood and reused upholstery fabrics are the items she uses to package her goods.

Julie started ReJuled as a creative outlet during a DIY home renovation in St. Petersburg, Florida. She and her husband moved from Upstate New York to join the vibrant arts and culture community in St. Pete. They also enjoy the sea and the sun. As an experienced educator and recycled artist, REJuled is a body of work that is wearable art.

The Merchant Gift Shop for Unique Jewelry

Come to our gift shop for some of the best unique jewelry by local artists. We are nestled in the eclectic Central Arts District in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. We fuse the modernity of a well-lived urban lifestyle with the charm and nostalgia of an old fashioned general store. Our ever-changing assortment of gifts and wares promotes the creative community of artists, craftsmen, and makers in St. Pete. 

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